Monday, January 31, 2011

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few but good (and very determined)

When you're truly something the whole universe conspires so that you will be able to achieve it.

E 'early Sunday morning. I leave home in the pouring rain and a sky that leaves no hope to many other interpretations. I face an hour and a half drive to reach the meeting place for hiking and even there on the spot weather forecasts are not certain stimulants. As I start taking
indecision about what to do - I still feel all booked or the trip is canceled, so this time? - Some of the people book called to warn them that they pull out because of rain.
The number of participants list is now quite small and the temptation is strong to let go. Three of them arrive at the station of Bracciano (arrive? There would also be a train strike ...). Lorella would be in the car, which she does not rain but it certainly can not be said that the sun is shining and I called to find out whether or not starting, because she has a nice little 'way to go. Maria Grazia
I call one of the people would come by train: it is "unreachable" but suggests that the time is in meters, direct to the station to board the train.
I think that Gabriella and Emily (the other two, which would arrive by train) now know after years of participation in the excursions, they will have confidence that, having still received no call my cancellation, the tour is confirmed and then are on the way to take the train (but the train will start?).
Despite all this, I just really want to do this release and, instinctively, I feel that there are particular problems in this day started, seemingly so "wrong."
I want to make the trip: I decide who will do and that everything will be fine.
the rain which commits the wipers is now continuing without any doubt that I had embarked on the road already for several minutes, while I mulled what to do.

Eventually there were six: Stephen, also reached there by car (the train arrived on time and has also stopped raining). Six hikers "real": the weather has not scared! Real
but far from careless. In fact, I immediately proposed to take care of logistics planning in different ways around the originally planned, so as to have a "chance of escape in case of further worsening of the time.
So we got to make a wonderful hiking-almost always seen the lake, illuminated by moments of intense bursts of light between the rain clouds, and we took only a few minutes of rain that had no other effect that to create an even more impressive.
moist and relaxed atmosphere of these beautiful woods that underlie the ridge north of the basin at the foot of Mount Rocca Romana made her: the feeling of quiet winter typically has involved the depths of our being. Why I tried to talk and tell as little as possible to allow time for everyone to listen more to those around us.

A tree fell initially on the ground who then started to grow again with the branches projected into the sky gave us the opportunity to reflect that no matter how many times you fall, but rather that it is important to always get up . And the fact that our force is not the outward appearance but in what we have inside, invisible as roots.
to seal a successful day despite the beginnings of a peaceful and relaxing walk on the calm shores of the lake, heated by the first rays of sunshine hours in the scent of spring, ahead of the greetings and sincere good-bye to the next.


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